By Don Culwell

On Saturday afternoon, May 18, South Fork docents who lead a wide variety of activities at SFNC along the trails and at the old log cabin spent time sharing information about flowers, fungi, insects, and such life as is found at the Nature Center. After a lunch of burgers and dogs fresh off the grill the folks that had gathered reveiwed aspects of leading groups like they do at SF by using the SF Docent manual as an informative guideline.

Materials stored in the cabin for use by the docents were examined…these will facilitate their work leading classes and groups coming to South Fork: identification manuals for plants and animals, jars of dry fruits and various skeletons, slice-sections of tree wood, 2 large marker boards, clip boards and pencils, firewood for the old iron stove, first aid kit, name badges, water bottles, bottles of hand sanitizier, a copy of the Master Plan for SFNC, binoculars, dissecting microscopes, hand lenses, a Coleman lantern to light up the cabin on rainy days, and such things.

Docents were encouraged to spread the word about activities they lead at SFNC and recruit interested persons and groups that will join them for their specific activities or walks in the woods along the trails.