by Bob Verboon
Come join Master Naturalists Bob Verboon and Tom Krohn at South Fork Nature Center Saturday, September 21st., from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Learn from Bob Verboon how different animals might have survived in their natural habitat by just observing their skulls.

Can you see the major differences in these two skulls? How about similarities? Do you know which one is the carnivore and which is the herbivore? Can you tell which one is the predator and which one is the prey? Can you tell if they were healthy or sick? Can you tell how old they were when they died?

Listen to Tom Krohn and learn to identify several of the frogs and toads in our area by their calls.

SFNC Docent Bob Verboon
SFNC Docent Bob Verboon

Frogs and toads have been around for a long time. They reproduce in water and develop into land animals today much like their ancient ancestors did. Their remarkable adaptations and survival tactics continue to amaze scientists through the ages. Who hasn’t captured tadpoles and watched them grow in a man-made pond where they lose their tails as they form legs to allow them to walk up onto shore? Many frogs and toads are so small that they are not readily visible but can certainly be recognized by the sounds they make.

naturalist Tom Krohn
Naturalist Tom Krohn

Come to South Fork on Saturday, September 21st., Master Naturalist and FrogWatch Coordinator Tom Krohn will have you answering the calls around your pond.”