Culwell Wildflowers Ferncliff

Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center just west of Little Rock was the site on Saturday and Sunday, September 21, 22, for a study of wildflowers that could be seen along creeks, lakes or in more moist habitats this fall season. The class used hand lenses and forceps to see the flower parts and discussed their functions as class sessions were held inside around tables, outside at benches, or walking the environment around the lake.

Students learned the mechanism of using a dichotomous key as a few wildflower families were identified. “What is this flower?” was a common question and a number of names were tossed around, both common and scientific.

The importance and mechanisms of pollination and fertilization as it affects species were noted; the video “Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind” exemplified these life processes for angiosperms, the world of flowering plants.

The class taught by Don Culwell was one of four natural history workshops offered annually by Arkansas Audubon.

Don Culwell