by Bob Hartmann, SFNC docent

Since mid to late September in our ‘neck of the woods’, including SFNC, we can hear three resident owl species ‘sounding their stuff’ just about every evening, weather permitting. Some begin their territorial declarations about half an hour before sunset, sometimes earlier and may continue well after sunset. By fall’s end theirs mating melodies, of calls and answers have arrived and slowed, but may persist. On quiet evenings LISTEN UP!

Barred Owl photo taken by Joyce Hartmann

Check out these ‘youtube’ sources where the varied songs of these three may be found, heard and committed to memory:

Barred Owl (Barred Owl Amazing Vocals!) at <a href="; target="_blank"

Great Horned Owl) Great Horned Owl Hooting Territorial Evening call at

Eastern Screech Owl (Eastern Screech Owl Call) at

Before ice or snow arrives nests may be occupied, some with eggs. For the larger owl species abandoned Red-shouldered Hawk nests are choice.

So, now you still have time to LISTEN and LOOK UP!