September 20, 2014

9am – 11am at the Nature Center’s Outdoor Classroom
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SFNC Docent Bob Verboon
Animal Skulls & Habitats: Learn how different animals might have survived in their natural habitat by observing their skulls. Can you see the major differences in these two skulls? How about similarities? Do you know which one is carnivore and which is the herbivore? The predator or the prey?
Are you curious about animal skulls?

Scientists have been studying skulls of vertebrate animals for years. Looking at the skulls and comparing their differences and similarities can tell them a lot about an animal’s lifestyle and also major events and traumas in an animal’s life.

Master Naturalist, Bob Verboon will give a presentation at the South Fork Nature Center’s outdoor classroom on Saturday September 20th, 2014 from 9-11 am. Bob, along with docents Don Culwell and Janet Miron, will spend the morning with participants exploring how to infer information about an animal from the animal’s skull and understand the relationship between the skeletal structure and the animal’s environment. How could animals survive in their natural habitats? Were they predators? Were they the prey? What did this animal eat? Was it a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore? Discussions and activities are appropriate for all ages and a guided trail walk will be held for those wishing to participate after the presentation.

Families are invited to attend to spend the morning together in nature’s great living room using your feet, eyes, hands and ears to explore South Fork Nature Center’s vast area of trails and listen to a great presentation.

Educators are invited to attend to scout possible field trips to extend the learning in the classroom. Skulls can be used as instructional objects when teaching biological and anatomical concepts. Skulls can be very useful when focusing on dietary habits, food chains, predator/prey relationships, anatomy, biology, ecology, habitats, adaptation, evolution and animal behavior. This presentation can be scheduled for your classroom visit to South Fork Nature Center. We have listed some links to more information on this subject below.*

Home-School students are invited to attend this presentation. Both Bob and Janet were science teachers in Arkansas Public School Districts, but have now chosen to channel their desire to teach into the South Fork Nature Center Educational Program to reach more nature enthusiasts in an outdoor classroom setting. Dr. Don Culwell is a retired Botany Professor and serves as the Educational Events chair on the South Fork Nature Center’s Board.

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*Web Resource: Museum of Osteology
Web Resource: Nature Notes – Curiosity About Bones