Third Saturday Guided Walk

10am, April 23 at the Nature Center, off Hwy 330 by the Lake

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Everyone is welcome to attend 3rd Saturday events at the Nature Center, which are held monthly Spring through Fall. ADMISSION IS FREE!

South Fork Nature Center Spring Trail Visit

Bob Hartmann
Bob Hartmann
You are cordially invited to join Bob Hartmann, SFNC Docent, as he seeks out spring blossoms now showing off along the trails and particularly in the cedar-cleared areas of the glade restoration project. Orientation and the trail walk will begin at 10 AM at Riddle Cabin.

Exposed soils possessing a ‘seed burden’ of yesteryear glade flower complex is now beginning to resurrect. Come and see the plants and flowers that have been hiding. Included will be blooming trees and understory shrubs such as Red Buckeye, Deerberry and Serviceberry, among others.

Some sites will feature lichen and fungi with prospects of finding the dainty beauties, Cinnabar Red Chanterelles. Status of last year’s Monarch Butterfly project will be observed. Multiple sites of the butterfly’s favored foods, several kinds of milkweed seedlings were planted and now have automated weather stations installed at several select locations. Soil moisture and ground-level weather is being recorded to aid assessing plant survival.
Photos by Bob Hartmann

“Art in Nature”

Joyce Hartmann
Joyce Hartmann
We will reconvene at cabin at 11:30 AM, where Joyce Hartmann will have an “Art in Nature” session for those who would like to participate. She will give a brief watercolor demonstration and have materials available for participants to make their own Nature Spirit cards using watercolor paint and/or homemade Ozark Black Walnut dye.

For more information, please call 501-745-6615.