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South Fork Nature Center has just been the recipient of a $4,000 grant from an anonymous donor through the AR Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fosters smart giving to improve communities, to help AR protect, grow, and direct their charitable dollars as they learn more about community needs.
This grant will be used to enhance South Fork glades for Monarch butterfly habitat and for possible additionally threatened species.
Monarch Butterflies at South Fork in Clinton AR

In June of 2015, a $5000 grant from U.S. Fish and Wildlife provided funding for monarch butterfly habitat in three glade ecosystems of SFNC, glades that were undergoing enhancement from an earlier U.S.F.W. grant of $10,000. Specifically grown milkweed plants, some 450 in number, were set out in the SFNC glades in 23 populations, 18-20 plants per population, in June by Master Gardeners, South Fork docents, and Board members; these plants were watered until early in the fall. Milkweed survival documented in the spring of 2016 in all 23 of these plots ranged from 0-82% with six of the plots showing percentages above 50%. Nine of the 23 plots had survival rate below 25%. Similar results were achieved in 2011-12 in Missouri with survival from six transplant sites ranging from 23-66% (C. Davit, Missouri Prairie Journal vol. 34 no. 2, p.11).

In many plots at SFNC, milkweeds compensated for deer browsing, insect feeding and winter injury by producing additional stems from established root systems. Several plants grew to flower in the first year, but research shows that bloom may take a minimum of two years to occur.

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We at South Fork Nature Center would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and individual donors. We appreciate your interest in our mission. Your donations truly strengthen the SFNC organization and make an incredible impact on our local environment.

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