We Want You to Bring Your Class or Club to South Fork Nature Center!

SFNC’s outdoor classroom is calling you! Our 22+ highly trained docents are waiting to open up your classroom to the great outdoors. If you’re studying ecosystems, habitats, structure and function of plants, abiotic and biotic factors of an ecosystem, environmental adaptions of plants and animals, the natural divisions of Arkansas, or many more areas of nature, we’ve got an exciting day of on-site nature experiences for your students.

We have first-hand experience crossing the curriculum with many areas of education including such subjects like math, literature, art and history.

Our incredible volunteer docents consist of retired professors, licensed science teachers, former forest rangers, entomologists, biologists and more. Many of our docents are trained by the Leopold Education Project and work to incorporate your framework requirements into stimulating activities.

SFNC Docents 2015

A day at South Fork Nature Center can consist of trail hikes, work stations integrating other curriculum areas such as journaling and art, or simulation activities revolving around habitats, food chains and food webs.

How do you sign-up to bring your class to SFNC?

Click here to read about some of the Educational Enrichment Programs offered. We also have educators on our docent staff who can work with you to create a “custom” day for your class or club. You can link to the “planning your trip” section and contact us to set up the date.

This fall we will also be able to send SFNC representatives to your school to meet with your teaching team or educational administrators to introduce everyone to what we offer at our nature center. Just email us at grf@artelco.com or call us and we’ll get you on our calendar.
Hope to hear from you soon!

September: Contact Krissi Graham via e-mail
October-December: Contact Programs director, Dr. Don Culwell at (501) 358-2095