8:30-12:30, Tuesday July 11, 2017 at the Nature Center

Hosted by Marc and Suzanne Hirrel, this workshop is designed to help classroom teachers and non-formal science educators meet the new Arkansas Science Standards for middle and high school students.

The workshop and curricula focuses on water resource conservation. Hands-on training using digital microscopy, eTrex GPS and Vernier LabQuest equipment will be offered. Space and equipment is limited so reservations will be required. There is a cost for this event and Educators can earn 6 hours of ADE Professional Development Hours. For more details contact LEP-Arkansas LLC, at suzannehirrel@gmail.com or call 501-224-9419 and ask for Suzanne or Marc Hirrel.
*Participants will receive a copy of Aldo Leopold’s classic “A Sand County Almanac” plus a resource CD