Dr. Don Culwell
Saturday, March 17, found 13 SFNC docents gathered in the outdoor classroom planning their use of the shelter on a rainy day when they have classes they are leading at SFNC. With coffee cup in hand and peach or blueberry cobbler beside it, the group talked up ideas for leading classes; what is done in a circle or gathering at the end of the pavilion would be different from what might be done out on the trail or in the woods; rainy days will greet activities at South Fork as they have before and we will always be able to have groups at SFNC regardless of the weather! Marc and Suzanne Hirrel demonstrated two activities from their collection of Leopold ideas/plans: one was on the function of trees (done as students play the role of tree parts in a skit-like atmosphere); the other was based around the amount and availability of water on the planet and how it is used.

New tables and benches were set up in the new pavilion. Teaching equipment such as electric cords, large marker boards, clipboards, and an assortment of natural items from the cabin (dry fruits, wood blocks, skulls and bone collections, insect collections, etc.) were available during the planning session . At noon the group packed up and put away the tables and the materials from the cabin and went home to plan for their rainy day activity. One great and profitable day!