Friday, August 10, was time for a clean-up burn of many downed cedars that had been cut a couple months before. This opens up considerable glade area for colonization of forbs and grasses.

Fourteen South Fork docents, friends, and Master Naturalists were on hand at 8:00 AM to light four big fires, piling on the cedar, all of which could be done in this very dry time of year due to significant rain two days before.

South Fork glades have been the site of major milkweed planting, as young plants have been set into the shallow soil in an attempt to grow flowers that attract butterflies and bees, as well as providing vegetation to feed butterfly larvae. These glade “wildflower meadows” must be kept free from most tree growth, allowing forbs and grasses to get the needed sun for their growth and development.

Come to South Fork Nature Center to check out the glade development for yourself!