Nine Students and their teacher, Allison Wallace, from the Economics and Environment Senior Seminar in the UCA Honors College visited SFNC on Saturday, March 2, to plant two seven foot bur oaks they had purchased (Quercus macrocarpa) on northern, well-drained slopes of the Nature Center. The class also dug four black walnut saplings (Juglans nigra) grown by Bob Hartmann and transplanted them to South Fork on that cold, March day (hot chocolate and lunch around the fire pit with nice warmth radiating from the oak logs in the pavilion was most welcome).

These species enhance the botanical diversity on the peninsula. Black walnut is economically important with its rich, dark wood used in construction and building of furniture; bur oaks produce huge acorn fruits, the largest of the AR oak fruits nearly two inches in size.

Know of a local/regional organization interested in environmental preservation/education?

Are they wanting to do a service project, hold an environmental educational event, or even a monthly meeting out in the wild? We would love to talk to them about coming to South Fork Nature Center. Environmental education is our Mission. Community involvement is our goal!

Contact Programs Director, Don Culwell at 1 (501) 358-2095 about visiting SFNC.