SFNC Hosts the Firm Foundations Home School Group

by Krissi Graham

If someone wanted to introduce a hive of homeschoolers to Entomophagy [en-to-moph-a-gy; noun: the practice of eating insects, especially by people] they should use the facilities at South ‘FORK’.

That’s exactly where Dori Cornelius brought 21 nature enthusiasts on May 10, 2019. For several in the group, it was their first hike at South Fork, and their first taste (myself included) of meal worm larvae. Many feigned temporary vegetarian status to avoid the peer pressure of consuming Top ‘Leaf’ grade ‘A’, precooked, flavored, and packaged edibles from Amazon. But no one missed out on the profound data associated with this lesser known dining habit. Would any cattle farmers consider this as an alternate knowing the percent protein is much higher in a 200 calorie entree? Compare the data yourself at www.edibleinsects.com/insect-nutrition-information/.

For more info on our culinary experience, or to inquire about this Christian faith-based group and their weekly family/educational activities, email Dori at doricornelius@gmail.com.