The team at South Fork Nature Center would like to wish you a new year full of excitement & wonder!

We’re grateful for all the amazing visitors who have come to explore our Greers Ferry Lake trails, from elementary students watching caterpillars wiggle, to the conservation groups that team up to preserve our unique lakefront ecology.

Remember that the trails at South Fork are open every day, year round! We’re not far from the recreational area on Greers Ferry Lake off Highway 330. Feel free to enjoy the beautiful woodlands – bring a friend, a camera, or even a pet!

If you’re a teacher, scientist, artist, or just a nature buff, you might be interested in joining our docent team (ask us how!)
If you’d like to host a class or group event, we have experts ready to guide you!
If you’d like to contribute your love of nature in another way, please consider a tax-deductible donation to our efforts.

May 2020 be the year you reconnect with nature in a magical way. We hope to be a small part of that.