Last of the South Fork Tree ID Stones Painted

The Fates were smiling! 7 painters arrived at Pat and Fred’s house Friday afternoon to paint the 7 remaining South Fork Nature Center ID stones. Robert was kept busy distributing paint supplies, making sure everyone had what they needed, and standing ready to wipe a brow if necessary — a Stone-Painting-Concierge Extraordinaire! Painters included Pat Bradley, Cathy Connaughton, Becky Pierce, NiT Laurie Gaines, Connie Smith, Sunnie Ruple, Sharon Roberson, Robin Harris, Robert Fuhler.

While the paint on the stones dried, the crew had tea and snacks and enjoyed a beautiful view of the afternoon sunshine on Lake Conway. Then Fred and Robert hauled the stones to the truck so they could be transported to their permanent homes on the trail the following morning.

Special thanks to Fred Hendricks for scrubbing the stones, as well as hauling the marker stones around with his truck and his back…over and over and over.

Ed, Fred, Laurie, Becky, and Pat gathered at South Fork to place the newly painted stones in their places. The group discovered quite a bit of invasive grape holly. Becky and Fred made some excellent kills…

Thanks to Bob Verboon for sharing this exciting update from the FAMN newsletter!

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