Greers Ferry Lake

Students will discuss how important it is to be aware of the watershed you live in and how your lifestyle can affect it. They will discuss the watersheds that they live in, including the South Fork of the Little Red River and Cadron Creek watersheds. They will also discuss the importance of the Local Conservation Disctrict, concentrating on the South Fork of the Little Red River.


  • LS.4.5.5 – Examine the role of food, space, water and shelter on the carrying capacity of an ecosystem.
  • BD.2.ES.9 – Describe how limiting factors affect populations and ecosystems
  • EBR.8.B.1 – Abiotic and Biotic factors in an Ecosystem
  • LS.4.8.1 – Analyze the effect of changes in environmental conditions on the survival of organisms and entire species
  • EBR.8.B.5 – Population Control Factors in an Ecosystem

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