Students will learn about leaf and twig characteristics in order to key out (identify) trees of Arkansas using dichotomous keys. Hand lenses and dissection microscopes are available for students to use. Pairing this workshop with one of South Fork’s two “trail walks” will reinforce the inofrmation, and newly-found identification skills can be practiced.


  • LS.4.4.1 – Recognize environmental adaptations of plants and animals
  • CDL.7.B.15 – Vascular and nonvascular plant differentiation
  • CDL.7.B.16 – Cycads, gymnosperms and angiosperms differentiation
  • CDL.7.B.17 – Structure and function of the major parts of a plants: roots, stems leaves and flowers
  • CDL.7.B.18 – Relate the structure of Plant tissue to its function: epidermal, ground and vascular

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