by docent Bob Hartmann

Project work began in mid November with Eastern Red Cedar removal from the first (the Seep Area) of three selected glade areas. All unmarked cedar is being cut at their base and removed. Trees marked with orange tape are being left in place. Downed trees are hauled out to adjacent road and parking area edges where topping, trimming and log separation is performed and for temporary storage.

In the last photo is an unusual, very edible ‘Lion’s Mane’ mushroom in prime plucking condition – but it wasn’t, only photographed!

Larger tops are to be moved to Corps of Engineer assigned drop-off sites to be used for fish habitat and attractor construction. Logs of fence and construction value will be relocated on property for future use. Trimmings will ultimately be burned in the roadway/parking area or moved to a suitable nearby burn site. Work on the second Glade site is underway.