by Krissi Graham
Krissi Graham CHS at South Fork
The Clinton High School Environmental Club chalked up a ‘frightening’ good success at our October 18 “Haunted Cabin” event. Forty five visitors were entertained with live music by the Will Shannon and Jake Trogden duet.

Jennifer Lovell and Tyler Robinson chopped, cooked, prepped, and fed the group foil packs. Bailey Henry and Faith Scott added Dutch Oven Cobblers to the campfire cuisine. We enjoyed an easy clean-up because there were no crumbs or leftovers to be found.

Fun at the Nature Center
Alahna Martin led a meaningful devotion at one of the scenic circular gathering sites.

Students Osmar Carrizales, Shayla Ross, Colton Cook, Serena Jones, Myra Hawes, Dax Helmendollar, Jeremiah Crabtree and Marissa Kipfer were led by Tiffany Burns in scheming up spine tingling ‘Terror-on-the-Trail’.

Halloween at South Fork Nature Center
The haunted hike was prefaced with the story-telling talents of Dalton James. Hopefully, the SFNC neighbors interpreted the screams they heard as youthful squeals of delight. (From where I sat at the campfire their emotional cries seemed to echo impending doom across the lake.)

Geocaching at South Fork Nature Center
Using the latest geocaching technology several guests experienced success with their first attempts at finding buried treasure thanks to Donovan Turner and Austin Decker.

CHS Environmental Club at South Fork
Our Nature experience was both a welcome respite from the demands of a materialistic culture and a glowing tribute to our students in roles of leadership. I greatly appreciate the help from adults Marc Hirrel, Melvin Browning, Sandi Jones, and Chris Graham.