Don Culwell
Did you miss it on June 20? As Ruth Andre was setting up for her morning program to talk about and show off her butterflies, low and behold, one of the chrysalis stages of the butterfly she had brought began to crack open and move a bit. YES, out from its chrysalis emerged a zebra swallowtail, wings all crinkled up on its back. But, we watched carefully as its wings unfolded, slowly, into the beautiful black and white zebra pattern with long tails, each with a large red spot. And this beauty hung around quite a while drying its wings as it hung upside down in the sun before fluttering lazily ascending into the morning air.

During her presentation Ruth asked for a couple volunteer kids who anxiously stood up…and they became butterflies as Ruth had them think what anatomical features a butterfly had…how did each feature function? Soon each volunteer was outfitted with 6 legs, antennae, wings, and a coiled, sucking tongue.

During the morning, a monarch, too, emerged from its chrysalis. Many monarchs that had recently emerged at Ruth’s home had been kept cold in the refrigerator. Ruth passed these out to folks who opened the wax paper packet allowing each butterfly to walk about on your hand, stretch its wings, and then flutter off.

If you missed this exciting day at South Fork, why not plan to be present next June when Ruth returns for another treat with her butterfly friends…see you there!