Night SkyFor our Third-Saturday August session at South Fork Nature Center, how about a crepuscular nature walk and a nocturnal listening session? It’s a cool way to keep cool during Dog Days!

Meet in front of the cabin at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, August 15. The gate will be open so you can drive to it. Bob and Joyce Hartmann will lead the group in a sunset nature walk, see the new milkweed plants that will help foster monarch butterflies, and the operating sawmill that uses timber from the grounds for projects on site.

Listen for twilight and night songs: learn about what you hear, who makes the sounds, and how they make them. Katydids, crickets, cicadas, long-horned grasshoppers, screech owls, barn owls, great-horned owls, barred owls, coyotes, frogs and toads…Arkansas country is not a quiet place!

To culminate the evening, enter the cabin lit only by kerosene lanterns, to experience what it was like in the Ozarks 100 years ago. Learn more about Almeda Riddle, one of eight children who was raised in the cabin, and whose spirit still lives on in her folk songs. Listen to her sing some of those songs while you sit inside her cabin.

Remember, there is no electricity or water…it’s a Nature Center. Things you might want to bring include a thermos of ice water or other cold beverage; a flashlight (and if it is a red light, or covered with red cellophane, so much the better to protect your night vision); a walking stick; and your favorite portable lawn chair to sit around the campfire.

Come on out August 15th, put aside your wi-fi, and get a strong connection with nature!

Look for the gate on Bachelor Road in Choctaw.

Click here for easy driving directions to South Fork Nature Center…