Portable Sawmill at South Fork

A portable sawmill is site at SFNC and now beginning to process the numerous logs produced by the Glade Restoration Project. Some of the milled lumber will be used to construct key area structures
needed for maintenance and equipment. First products to be milled include posts, rails and pickets for a ‘hog tight’ old time picket fence to be placed around the cabin area.

Weather permitting, mill operations will be in the early hours, before noon
on week days only.

Bob Hartmann

Our glade restoration and milkweed planting funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service was visited by Joe Krystofik, State Coordinator for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program. We have been working on the clearing for the glade restoration on in 3 areas of the Nature Center amounting to approximately 10 total acres. We have successfully planted approximately 400 milkweed plants in the glade areas. For purposes of the Federal grant these two projects are not considered finished by USFWS. We will be doing a controlled burn in these areas probably in late winter next year. This should cause the relic seed bed to spring in to life next Spring.

Don Richardson