The 3rd Saturday group tour season had its inaugural event on April 23. The party (including a four-legged sidekick) met up at historic Riddle Cabin and took the peninsula trail, led by docents Bob & Joyce Hartmann.

The sunny afternoon offered open season on spring bloom identification, bird watching, etc. Red Buckeyes and Fringe Trees stole the spotlight, while Spring Beauties, Birdfoot Violets, Buttercups, and Rue Anemones populated the wildflower parade. Red-eyed Vireos, Tufted Titmice, and Pileated Woodpeckers ruled the branches for the morning.

Back at the cabin, a relaxed painting workshop drew the program to an pleasant close. We are ALWAYS happy to share the delights of our beautiful lakeside trails in fellowship with other artists, teachers, and nature lovers in general! The park is open year-round, but please make plans to join us for an upcoming 3rd Saturday group walk.