Third Saturday Guided Walk

10am, May 21 at the Nature Center, off Hwy 330 by the Lake

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Everyone is welcome to attend 3rd Saturday events at the Nature Center, which are held monthly Spring through Fall. ADMISSION IS FREE!

Shirley Pratt
Imagine a time when living “off grid” was not a lifestyle choice as it is today, but was in fact the only choice available for families of the rural area now known as South Fork Nature Center. How did these families stretch their food reserves to feed hungry children? How did they obtain the materials for the remedies that saved the lives of their loved ones? How did plants serve dozens of other useful roles for the families of the region?

For some answers to these questions, join Shirley Pratt, South Fork Nature Center docent, for a relaxing trail walk along the well maintained paths through the beautiful spring freshened forests of South Fork for the monthly Third Saturday event at the nature center. Meet at the restored Riddle Log Cabin for a brief welcome and orientation session before moving out onto the trails to learn about some of the Handy Helpful Herbs of South Fork. Many plants growing along the trails have been used as foods and medicines for centuries, and with caution, can even be used today.

South Fork Nature Center is the premier nature conservation project of the Gates Rogers Foundation, featuring 2 miles of maintained nature trails on the Lake, a restored pioneer cabin, and outdoor classroom facilities.

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Turn right off of US Hwy 65 North at Choctaw onto Hwy 330 East. Continue 3.7 miles toward Choctaw Marina, then turn left onto Klondike Road. Drive about 2 miles, turn left and continue onto Bachelor Road, down a steep hill, across a low water bridge, and up another steep hill to the nature center entrance gates. Drive through the gates down to the Riddle Log Cabin.