Don Culwell, Programs Director
A walk in the woods for leg stretching, a listen for bird songs, a view of some remaining wild flowers, and (for some of us) a dodging of rain drops. We had it all when the 9th graders, 8th graders, and 7th graders came out (separate in three weeks of April, some 225 students all-told) for a trek in the woods. Groups of 8-12 students from Clinton followed SFNC docents as they walked the trails, talked about ecology and ecosystems, and discovered activities of plant sex as the parts of the flower were examined with hand lenses for their structure and function. The Riddle Cabin stood ready with lantern light, benches, and chairs for students in case a shower interrupted activities.

With only an hour and a half for students to be at South Fork those days, teachers and students alike had a chance to see the grandeur of the out-of-doors and what SFNC has to offer anyone willing to spend a bit of time on the trails alone or with a group anxious to follow a program. Come commune with nature…South Fork invites you!

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