Piles & more piles of logs

From glade clearing, forest thinning, from road and site clearing…piles of logs ten feet to thirty feet long, mostly cedar. Logs, logs, and more logs in stacks here and there, everywhere! They must be moved out of the way, making room for parking, making room for construction of the new outdoor classroom/pavilion, they all must be moved to a site for storage and later use. And what is left over must be burned or hauled off.

With Chris Graham using the grapple on the front of his red tractor picking up 3-4 logs at a time, with Bob Hartmann manning the chain saw for logs that were too long to carry and Don Culwell assisting, headway was made…logs were moved. George Baker and Bob Hartmann were another log moving team several weeks ago as they hooked a log chain to drag yet more logs too big to lift to their proper place.

Cedar logs being piled and saved will be used for projects such as building a maintenance shed, building benches for use in the new outdoor classroom/pavilion, milling boards for construction use, etc.

Thanks to all workers dealing with the South Fork timbers!