Every year, the Nature Center volunteers form a team to tackle the South Fork shoreline during the Greers Ferry Lake & Little Red River Cleanup. This year marks year 48 of the annual Cleanup, and it’s an effort that continues to inspire volunteer conservation and beautification programs nationally. What a great way to show our pride in the exquisite beauty of our Lake & its heritage!

On September 9th, we met at the Choctaw Marina at 7:30 a.m., when the morning mist was still coming off the water. Volunteers lined up to register before the cleanup; each one received a ticket for a free lunch afterwards either at The Narrows or at Choctaw Recreational Park.

Special thanks to helping hands from the City of Clinton, including Jason Hayes (Chamber of Commerce), Tony Soyani (Advertising & Promotion Commission), and Philip Ellis (Chamber of Commerce & Zoning Department). These gentlemen organized the volunteer cookout held at Choctaw Park to feed our hungry cleanup crew! A turtle wished us luck as we left, and said thanks for helping to keep his home healthy!

Pictured below is just a sample of the trash our team gathered by the bagful.

Every pound collected is that much less left to pollute the water, its rich habitats, and the surrounding shoreline. When you walk the trails at South Fork overlooking the Lake, give a thought to the dedication of generations of nature lovers who have worked season after season to keep them enjoyable. And always, always keep your trash out of the water – a minute of your time to collect non-degradable waste in a bag or bin, and recycling when possible, is a small act of conservation with a big collective impact.

Here’s to another beautiful year of enjoying Greers Ferry Lake!