Saturday, September 9, 2017

We love our beautiful nature park on the lake. Keeping it tidy is always a labor of love. Trail maintenance goes on year-round, but our mega-cleaning skills really get their chance to shine on the big Lake & River Day each September!

How about a hand?

You wouldn’t believe how much debris a few extra hands can help us keep out of the waters. We’ve got all the supplies (plus some great company!) just rise & shine & drive down to Choctaw Park.

The Lake and River Cleanup has been a crucial effort for almost 50 years, since the original volunteer group picked a post-Labor Day weekend for a cleanup project that grew into a regional institution. In keeping with the heritage of the Natural State, our very own Lake cleanup became the model for the first “Great Arkansas Cleanup” in 1979, and inspired the National Public Lands Day that came into being 5 years later.

Today, teams from across the region continue help preserve our lake’s natural beauty, both on land & water. The event is traditionally covered by tv & radio statewide, with festivities across the lake region. 

Join our volunteers at the Choctaw Marina as the South Fork Team collects dozens of bags of waste accumulated along the shoreline.

Call 501-745-6444 for more information, or you can register directly for the cleanup crew at this link: