SFNC Docent Bob Verboon

Learn how different animals might have survived in their natural habitat by observing their skulls. Can you see the major differences in these two skulls? How about similarities? Do you know which one is carnivore and which is the herbivore? The predator or the prey?


  • LS.4.5.5 – Examine the role of food, space, water and shelter on the carrying capacity of an ecosystem.
  • LS.4.5.14 – Categorize organisms by the function they serve in ecosystems and food webs.
  • LS.4.5.15 – Conduct field studies identifying and categorizing organisms in a given area of an ecosystem.
  • LS.4.6.1 – Identify environmental conditions that can affect the survival of individual organisms and entire species
  • LS.4.8.1 – Analyze the effect of changes in environmental conditions on the survival of organisms and entire species
  • BD.2.ES.2 – Describe relationships within a community
  • BD.2.ES.9 – Describe how limiting factors affect populations and ecosystems
  • EBR.8.B.5 – Population Control Factors in an Ecosystem

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