Students at SFNC

The South Fork Nature Center’s outdoor classrooms are perfect stages for art enrichment activities. Students will gather at various areas of the Nature Center and participate in hands-on creation of tree and leaf structure, texture, and design drawings led by our very talented docents. Additional art programs such as watercolor landscape and natural walnut dye sketching may be arranged.


  • VA.6.4.1 – Create a detailed representational or imaginary drawing using mark making with various wet and dry media
  • VA.6.4.2 – Combine grade-level appropriate elements of art and principles of design in a 2D product: painting, printmaking, drawing
  • VA.6.4.5 – Produce artwork that involves problem solving (e.g., brainstorming, practice, drafts, sketches, models)
  • VA.6.4.9 – Produce artwork inspired by or connected to content from other disciplines (e.g., social studies, literacy, performing arts, science, math)
  • *This visual art standard is present in grades 4-8th. The applicable numbers are VA.6.5.14, VA.6.6.14, VA.6.7.14, and VA.6.8.14

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