Students are led in field study by various docents, many of whom are trained professional botanists. They will learn to identify trees from fallen leaves and oak patterns. They will use bark patterns, colors, branching patterns, buds, and overall tree crown shapes and silhouettes to identify the “winterwoods” of South Fork.


  • LS.4.4.1 – Recognize environmental adaptations of plants and animals
  • CDL.7.B.15 – Vascular and nonvascular plant differentiation
  • CDL.7.B.16 – Cycads, gymnosperms and angiosperms differentiation
  • CDL.7.B.17 – Structure and function of the major parts of a plants: roots, stems leaves and flowers
  • CDL.7.B.18 – Relate the structure of Plant tissue to its function: epidermal, ground and vascular

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